Peripheries II - The oldest evidence of human musicality

Peripheries II

Dorothee Oberlinger, recorders
Friederike Potengowski, Stone Age bone flutes
Georg Wieland Wagner, Percussion
l‘arte del mondo, Werner Ehrhardt

We are drawing a bow from the oldest evidence of human musicality to the present. And these testimonies are ... flutes! Flutes made of animal bones, up to 40,000 years old.

Dorothee Oberlinger's first CD from 1998 was called "Peripheries". Influenced by her studies of new music with Walter van Hauwe in Amsterdam and medieval music with Pedro Memelsdorff in Milan, she published a CD with music from the crossroads of music history, including modern works dedicated to her - and shows the variety of meanings flute music has at music history cornerstones.

In PERIPHERIES II Dorothee Oberlinger meets Friederike Potengowski, specialist for prehistoric bone flutes, and percussionist Georg Wieland Wagner, who caused a stir with their mystical album "the edge of times".

Together with the ensemble l'arte del mondo, the artists have developed a breathtaking kaleidoscope of sounds throughout human history. The story of the flute is also told - as human breath through time. And popular "hits" will not be forgotten...

Prelude: Wisdom 1 (Steinzeitflöte)
Hildegard von Bingen: O ecclesia
Dorothee Hahne: commentari III for recorder and electronics - for Dorothee Oberlinger

Giorgio Mainerio: Shiarazula Marazula & La Lavandara Gagliarda from: l primo libro de balli accomodati per cantar et sonar d'ogni sorte de instromenti (+ Georg Wieland Wagner, Percussion)
Dario Castello: Sonata XV & Sonata XVI "per stromenti d'arco" from the Sonate concertate In stil Moderno Per Sonar nel Organo overo Clavicembalo con diversi Instrumenti

Destination and Anchor (Friederike Potengowski & Georg Wieland Wagner)
Improvisation (birds) for mammoth ivory flute (with Echo Flautino, Dorothee Oberlinger) (Friederike Potengowski)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for recorder, strings and B.c. C major R443


Prelude: Wisdom 2 (Stone Age flute)
Maki Ishii: Black intention for recorder and Tam Tam 

La Reverie (Stone Age flute)
John Cage: Dream 4´(Arrangement forvioloncello and lute)
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto “La Notte“ R439  (recorder, Strings and Basso continuo)

Georg Wieland Wagner: „Sand“ - Duo for flutes
Drake Mabry: Concerto for Dorothee (with comments Stone Age flutes) (recorder, strings and B.c.)

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